Boot Camps Australia - Franchise Opportunity

The most fun license system around - Boot Camps Australia - A license package containing a proven life changing outdoor group personal training system.

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Boot Camps Australia have been extremely successful in South East Queensland, receiving positive interest from clients and prospective business owners alike.

A number of people have seen how well our business model works and have taken it on as a rewarding business opportunity for themselves. Licensing is now our selected method as the preferred growth strategy to enable expansion.

For Boot Camps Australia, selling a license is not just about selling a business and expanding the Boot Camps Australia brand, but expanding our family and increasing the level of health and fitness opportunities available to our potential market.

We require our licensees to have the same passion and desire to help people help themselves; therefore you'll need to be positive, enthusiastic, energetic and goal driven with excellent interpersonal skills.

The elements of a successful license system.
- A licensor with a good track record.
- A product range that is unique, in demand and constantly changing.
- A strong brand name and an identifiable image.
- Comprehensive operations manuals.
- A sound training programme.
- Dedicated licensor support.
- A network of satisfied Licensees

The Boot Camps Australia benefits.
- A proven operational system.
- A concept that offers unique differences.
- Being your own boss in a license system.
- Business support.
- Ongoing marketing support.
- ngoing training support.
- Product development.

Many people from all fitness levels and walks of life have enjoyed the benefits of participating in Boot Camps Australia programs. Our systems, operations and programming enable us to target everybody, which is great for our licensees.

In fact, the success of Boot Camps Australia has prompted action to replicate the business model in other areas. Boot Camps Australia is set to become a leading brand for fitness and health Australia wide. We wish to share our success with a growing team of like-minded individuals and are offering business opportunities by way of licensing.

Our Business
Boot Camps Australia is dedicated to the success of our whole business and licensees.

We strive to provide our licensees with a system second to none, incorporating Outdoor Group Personal Training with PT Studio Personal Training. By creating this cyclical system, we have been able to offer an additional income source to our licensees, which allows them to spend less time in the business and more time on the business.

We encourage and help our licensees to open their first PT Studio within 24 months of starting their first Boot Camps Australia licensed Camp.

We proudly aspire to achieve:

- Excellence in our product offerings
- Excellence in servicing our customers
- Excellence in how we operate
- Excellence in our People.

Boot Camps Australia utilises the most unique personal trainers via way of our specific Boot Camps Australia training to deliver personalised outcomes to our clientele.

What makes Boot Camps Australia different from the rest?
There are a number of successful gyms, exercise programs and organised training groups all over Australia, all providing health and fitness options for people.

There are a number of things that make us different to other operators. Firstly our product is unique in the sense that it provides total health and fitness solutions tailored to each individual's personal goals in a fun and dynamic setting.

Secondly, we actually care and go the extra distance to support and empower our clients, members, participants, sponsors, networks and affiliates. We have the most unique Personal trainers in Australia and the best systems. We are flexible, adaptable, meaning we develop to suit current market trends and our stake holders needs. We provide many different activities and options within the organisation and we are determined to become a massive success nationally and worldwide.

By becoming a Boot Camps Australia licensee you are aligning yourself with a brand name that is renowned for excellence in health and fitness service provisions. Our team is dedicated to the outcomes of our members and clients and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure they achieve their personal goals.

Other benefits of becoming a Boot Camps Australia Licensee are:
- Growing Brand - Reputable Company
- Low start up costs
- Systems that work
- Ongoing training and support (on a quarterly basis)
- Assistance with Marketing and promotion
- Business and Product Developments

Through our dynamic and innovative programs we help people like you create life changing results by helping you to achieve all of your own individual goals... whilst having the best time of your life!

TT - Boot Camps Australia - Toowoomba Member

"3 weeks back I thought what the hell am I doing here. Let's be honestprior to Boot Camps Australia I was a Norm, good at it too. I had all the qualifications - wrong side of 50, carrying at least 40 kgs extra, 60 a day smoker, short of breath after a walk to the mailbox and back, my knees were shot. Great candidate for an early retirement from the game of life.

So I took the challenge. OK I can't subtract the years but I have been able to do something about prolonging them. I joined up with this great team here in Toowoomba. Day one I don't think I was the only one who thought I was going to have a heart attack. Good support kept me going, and good support still keeps me going. 3 weeks on and I still labour and run out of puff but it's getting easier and as it gets easier it gets harder as one pushes that little bit further.

Boot Camps Australia is GREAT!!! Sure I hurt at the end of each session but it's a good hurt. I haven't been outside my comfort zone so much in years and I love it. I've got a long way to go but what the heck, I love this insane masochistic approach towards a better life. Thanks Ian, Jarrod, Chelle, Amber, Rob and Kellie You guys are awesome and inspiring.

And thanks to all my fellow combatants in the Toowoomba team, especially the lovely ladies of the Blue team who encourage me all the way. You guys are the best!!
If you're looking at this website to see what Boot Camps Australia is about, take the next step and join us if I can do it anyone can.

Boot Camps Australia ROCKS!!!


Boot Camps Australia - Franchise Opportunity
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QLD 4005

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